Yoga In Derby With Alex

Yoga classes in Derby, Derbyshire

Why Exercise with us?

Come in and practice yoga with a focus on movement and breathing.

Postural Yoga is a combination of exercise and body awareness, where we calm the busy mind by placing our bodies into stimulating positions that heighten our awareness. Just like walking on an icy path we focus more on our sensations rather than losing ourselves in our thoughts.

Expect in your class:

- to be lead visually and
... verbally into postures, to know when to inhale and exhale.
- to know how to relax your body and mind.
- to learn why we move, and how certain movements can heal and hurt.

Exhaling relaxes the whole body and allows a more softened yoga practice. Held breath creates extra stability but can encourage muscular spasm.

Alex as your instructor will support your needs by encouraging you to practice at your own pace, and adapt your yoga to challenge but not harm your body. This means options and little moments of pause will be built-in.

See you soon.

DBS Insured By: Boa - British Osteopathic Asso

DBS: Yes
Insured By: Boa - British Osteopathic Asso
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